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Formed in 1997, the Society is located in the completely restored Ranlet Cafe that was moved to this location in 1895. With over 260 members, it is an ever-changing display of Bethlehem history. Visit us and return to the glory days of Bethlehem, which was the home of more than thirty hotels and the premiere destination for vacationers from the world over. See photographs of every hotel, pieces of hotel china, silverware, glass, and menus. And sadly see the stories of how most of these grand buildings disappeared.

Remember the caddies of Maplewood, the Jewish Community, and The National Hayfever Relief Association. Recall the campers of Stonecrest Colony, and the golf and tennis players of Chase camps. Learn about the trains that came to Bethlehem via Bethlehem Junction. Discover the history  of many of Bethlehem’s great homes and cottages. Relive the past, visit the present, and maybe even get a glimpse of Bethlehem’s future.

Our Mission

The Bethlehem Heritage Society, a non-profit organization, was established in 1997 and its mission is to increase public knowledge and understanding of the history and cultural heritage of the town of Bethlehem, New Hampshire, from its earliest inhabitants to the present generation. We will communicate that history through an active museum, educational programs, and a resource library.

Our Goals

The Bethlehem Heritage Society would like to increase its membership, and hopes that anyone with an interest in Bethlehem will join us and help support the preservation of our local history. Your membership supports our community by helping to fund:

  • Schools and Community Programs
  • Preservation of Bethlehem artifacts
  • Public access to our collection
  • Bethlehem Heritage Museum
  • Publication of the Heritage newsletter

Our Board Members

Clare Brown

Clare Brown


Marie Brockway

Marie Brockway


Linda Herrman

Linda Herrman

Vice President

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Your membership supports school & community programs, preservation of artifacts, public access to the collection, and so much more!

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Carole Hammarberg

Carole Hammarberg


Paul Hudson

Paul Hudson


The historical excerpts on our website are taken from the following sources:

  • Early History of the Town of Bethlehem NH – Written by Hattie Whitcomb Taylor – Originally printed in 1960
  • History of Bethlehem NH 1774 to 1974 – Written by the People of Bethlehem – Edited with Introductory chapters by Gregory C. Wilson – Printed in 1973
  • History of Bethlehem NH 1774 to 1999 – Written by the People of Bethlehem – Edited with Introductory chapters by Gregory C. Wilson and 1974-1999 update by Mike Dickerman – Printed in 1999
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