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Incorporated in 1799

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Historical Timeline of Bethlehem

1600 | Native Americans in Bethlehem

The three major Indian nations in northeastern America were divided into three...
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1760-1774 | Early Settlement of Lloyd Hills

From 1623 to 1641 the towns in New Hampshire operated without any provincial...
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1787-1895 | Early History, Settlers & Business

The township of Bethlehem lies in the northern part of Grafton County, bounded on the north and east by...
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1798-1799 | Official Incorporation

In November of 1798 a formal act for the incorporation of Bethlehem was drawn up which read...
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1880-1980 | Mills & Factories

The first grist mill in Bethlehem was located at McGregory Hollow, now known as...
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1800-1931 | Churches

Early history indicates that a Baptist Church was formed in 1800, a Congregational Church in...
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1860-1911 | Stage Coach Days

The long summer days were broken by exciting rides through the countryside. These...
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1863-1996 | Early Fire & Police

Bethlehem, like all other towns, has had its share of fires. Some of the old landmarks that have...
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1867-1935 | Railroads

During the earliest years of Bethlehem settlement, the steam cars came no nearer...
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1873-1974 | Hotel Era

When the Bethlehem boys in blue returned from the savage Civil War they found...
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1873 | Cottage Colony

Bethlehem village owes its development to its tourist business. Situated on a high plateau its invigorating mountain air, pure water and ...
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1874-Present | Jewish Community

The Jewish community in Bethlehem is presently a year-round community. It becomes larger in the summer, from June to...
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1874-Present | Hebrew Hayfever Association

It was August of 1915 in Accord, New York when hay fever and asthma struck my mother, Sarah Herskowitz, full...
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1879-1973 | Mount Agassiz

In the 1880's Mt. Agassiz was under the control of Milo J. Corliss who constructed a carriage road to its summit on which he erected an observatory.
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1885-1931 | Schools

In 1885, Bethlehem had nine school districts, eleven common schools and one...
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1893-1925 | Bethlehem Village District

For many years before the precinct applied for and received its charter in 1893, efforts were made to raise money for...
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1898 | Early Recreations

A hotel by the name of "Bellevue House" was built in 1875 on the site of the present Country Club House. This hotel was opened by Mr. David Phillips and burned in 1900. The new Club House was built on this site
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1898-1980 | Hattie Whitcomb’s Reflections of Life in Bethlehem

Although I was born way back in 1898, my childhood memories are very...
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1909 | Boston Post Cane Tradition

On August 2, 1909, under the savvy ownership of Mr. Edwin A. Grozier, the Boston Post engaged in its most...
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1930-1940 | Tea Houses

The latest word in Tea Rooms as of July 24th 1920 is found in the Virginia Tea House which just opened east of town near Bethlehem Junction by way of Twin Mountain.
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1933-1938 | CCC Camp #2118 at Pierce Bridge

Organization of the 133rd Company, Civilian Conservation Corp (CCC), took place at Fort Williams, Maine, May 3, 1933, under the command of C.O. Ashton, 5th Infantry.
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1940-1962 | Francis Glessner Lee and The Nutshell Studies

It was back in the 1880’s that murder and medicine first came to thrill Frances Glessner.
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